Snow Removal

Evergreen Services offers full snow clearing and removal services for our customers. Whether it is a shopping center, medical facility, movie theatre, industrial lot, condominium, office building, school or walkway, we can provide you with 24-hour snow plowing and sidewalk clearing throughout the entire winter season.

We recognize the importance of having clean, well maintainted and safe walkways and roads to ensure the easy flow of pedestrians and vehicles in business locations. Ease and accesibility are priorities for us when we work with our clients. Our snow removal services provide salt, calcium chloride and other melting agents to keep crucial areas free of ice.

Whether you need a one-time service or ongoing snow removal solutions for the snow season, we can assist you with all your snow removal needs. Our seasoned and trained staff is dedicated to handle any kind of snow emergency.

Sarge Plowing Hauling


We operate a large fleet of various sizes, from bobcats to plow trucks to front end loaders. We can meet your needs regardless of the size of your facility.



We operate a fleet of dedicated gravel trucks to spread gravel, salt or a mixture of both depending on your sites specific requirements. We also have the ability to spread liquid salt on sidewalks or roadways.

Liquid Salt

Sidewalk Clearing

Our trained, and skilled staff of snow removal professionals use a combination of backpack blowers, shovels, snow blowers, and sweepers to remove snow from your sidewalks. Liquid and granular anti-icing products are used to ensure that your sidewalk remains clear of snow and ice.

BMO Sidewalk Sidewalk Blowing Driveways