Landscape Maintenance

Evergreen Services offers comprehensive commercial landscape maintenance services, as well as seasonal and custom services to fit your needs and budget. We credit our success to professionalism and outstanding communictation with our clients. At Evergreen Services we are committed to maintaining healthy plants and turf while being mindful of our natural resources. We use an integrated pest management approach to ensure that minimal amounts of pesticides are used and that they are used in an environmentally friendly manner. A properly managed property contributes to the value, beauty, and usefulness of your business. Should any concerns arise with your landscaping, we listen closely and respond promptly.

Mowed Grass SC Mowing

Lawn Care

Evergreen Services can customize your lawn care service for your individual needs.

Our lawn care services include, but are not limited to:

Mowed Grass

Tree Care and Maintenance

Proper tree care is an investment. A healthy tree increases in value with age by increasing property value, beautifying our surroundings, purifying our air, and saving energy by providing cooling shade from the summer's heat and protection from winter's wind.

To effectively maintain your trees, we recommend regular inspections. Our ISA certified Arborists can provide the necessary knowledge to detect problems and correct them before they cause damage.

Our tree care services are provided by ISA certified Arborists and include:

Tree Pruning After Snowmageddon