Parking Lot/Parkade Maintenance

A clean and well maintained parking lot or parkade makes a positive first impression upon your customers. Evergreen Services can review your needs with you and recommend the optimal sweeping frequencies to provide that clean well maintainted look your customers have come to expect.

Line painting and pavement markings are an important factor to consider in the regular maintenence of your parking facility. A freshley painted parking lot will not only improve the overall appearance of your facility, but will also enhance the safety for pedestrians and drivers.

Spring Gravel Clean-up

When the snow finally leaves, all the grit, gravel, sand, and garbage that accumulated over the past winter is exposed. We have the equipment and skills to clean it out of your grass and plant beds and haul it away along with anything on your roads, curbs, or driveways.

Parkade Sweeping

We can clean underground parkades too. With a combination of wet and dry sweepers we can do any parkade without kicking up clouds of dust. We haul away all the debris too, so you're drains and sumps don't clog.

Line Painting

We use high quality line painting equipment and paints to ensure the best possible results for our customers. We service all types of parking facilities, from underground parkades to surface parking lots; both residential and commercial.

Some of the services we offer are: